Traveling with Art: Bamberg, Germany

The site of major 17th century witch trials and Adolf Hitler’s Bamberg Conference, the historical Bamberg, Germany is today a quaint and pleasant town known for its beer brewing industry and remarkable architecture.

The print you see above, signed by F. Rufuer, shows a far-off view looking down on Bamberg. The subtle colors suggest a peaceful day, and you can see the distant cathedrals and monasteries atop the hill. Even in this print you can see that the town is filled with beautiful architecture.

St. Michael's Church in Bamberg, Germany

St. Michael’s Church in Bamberg, Germany

The first recorded mention of Bamberg was in the year 902, and today its medieval city layout can still be recognized.

In the 17th century, the wave of witch trials and mass hysteria found itself caught in Bamberg, where the famous Drudenhaus was built in 1627, a “witch prison” that was the site of many witch trials and executions. Johannes Junius, one such person accused of witchcraft, made a name for himself in Drudenhaus after confessing to witchcraft under torture then writing a letter to his daughter prior to his execution admitting that he had been forced into a confession of witchcraft. His letter is one of the most valuable records of the witchcraft trials.

A print depicting a woman about to be burned at the stake after a witch trial.

A print depicting a woman about to be burned at the stake after a witch trial.

Today, Bamberg is a pleasant town with old roots. It is not among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, but for those who do visit, it has pleasant medieval architecture and countless historical sights.

One of its most notable attractions is its brewing industry. Unlike other German breweries that each have their own distinct beer styles, Bamberg’s brewing style cannot be categorized as easily. There are about 300 breweries within a fifty-mile radius of the town, most of which are very small and deliver to only a few pubs.

A bird's eye view of Bamberg.

A bird’s eye view of Bamberg.

Bamberg, Germany has left behind its chaotic periods of history, but it remains a fascinating look at how the past forms the present. Why not take a little trip and sip a local brew while admiring the architecture in this one-of-a-kind town?



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