All About Robbins Eagle Scout Badges


The Eagle Scout ranking is the highest honor in the Boy Scouts of America, and the badge that goes with it is certainly worthy of the rank. Through the years, different companies have designed the Eagle Scout badge. This particular badge shown is from the Robbins Company, which produced Eagle Scout badges from 1920-1978.

How do you distinguish a Robbins Company badge?

  • You’ll find the ‘sterling’ mark on the back of the scroll, usually next to the pin (in rare cases the mark is not there).
  • A small clasp is most common on this type of badge, though the Rob 0 and Rob 1a’s have a larger clasp.
  • The eagle beaks can be found open or closed.
  • Robbins medals have distinctive notches where the back meets the tail.

This is a type 3 Medal. The feathers represent extra merits on top of the badge itself. Bronze = 5 merits, Gold = 10 merits, and Silver = 15 merits. This particular badge has 25 merits altogether.


The engraving on these medals has clear attention to detail, making them beautiful collectibles to own.

Even adults could earn the Eagle Badge. Until the national office changed requirements, adults could earn the Eagle Badge into the 1960’s. The special adult Eagle Badge has a drop ribbon behind the eagle.

Military school boys could wear their Eagle badges with a special ribbon.

Boy Scouts with special ladies in their lives gave them their eagle badges as tokens of love, like letting girlfriends wear a letterman’s jacket. Sometimes boxes can be found with the ribbon inside but with the silver eagle missing, allegedly given to a crush long ago.


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As shown here, the Type 2A was said to be the most beautiful Eagle Scout badge. It’s rare, too – made only for a few years in the 1930’s, this badge is the only one with such fine details on the back.

Do you own any Eagle Scout badges of your own?


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