The Artist John Haymson

The artist John Haymson’s fascinating life fed into his amazing art.

Haymson was born in Vienna, Austra in 1902. It didn’t take him long to discover his love of art when at age five he drew a portrait of his tutor. He studied at the famous Vienna Academy of Fine Art and is best known for his watercolor pieces that show vibrant daily life. Some of his subjects include Venice, Italy, New Orleans, and Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Haymson also studied stage and costume design and had the privilege of working as a writer for Warner Brothers. Soon after that, he started a studio in Manhattan and his popularity as an artist skyrocketed.

Haymson has lectured on art at many colleges, and he has also led many college tours to Mexico and Europe.

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We’re lucky enough to have a John Haymson piece in our possession. This signed piece is called “The Stock Exchange”, showing the Stock Exchange building in New York City. It’s the largest stock exchange in the world.

The building has also been the site of many notable economic events in history like the Wall Street crash of 1929 or the 1987 Black Tuesday.

This painting by Haymson shows his mastery of watercolor and showing how colorful and lively scenes of daily life can be.

If you’re interested in the painting, you can find it here!

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