Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

It’s the most famous turquoise mine in the world: the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona has some of the most beautiful turquoise you will find anywhere. The turquoise that comes out of the mine is known for its amazing sky blue color, some of the purest-colored turquoise you will find.

The mine is named for the mountain nearby that looks like a sleeping woman laying on her back.

The Sleeping Beauty Mine’s turquoise was discovered completely by accident. The mine was used for mining copper and gold from about 40 years ago, and people only discovered recently that the mine held beautiful turquoise stones as well. It probably produces more turquoise than any other mine in the world.


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Sadly, the mine reportedly closed in 2012 and is yet to be taken up by any new owners.

Sleeping Beauty turquoise works incredibly well for jewelry. The stone has a characteristically beautiful, clear, bright color. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is strong enough to be polished and used in jewelry without treatment. This makes this it a jeweler’s dream.

Different colors are shipped out to different places. Individual countries favor different shades of turquoise, whether darker or lighter.

Who knows if the Sleeping Beauty mine will be picked up by new owners. The nature of turquoise mines means that the mine won’t be around forever; many Southwestern turquoise mines have used up their supply, and the same is likely to happen with the Sleeping Beauty Mine. Until then, it will be best to appreciate the Sleeping Beauty Mine for the amazing turquoise it produces.

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