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Vintage Treasures Into Modern Novelties | Glass Insulators

photo by monon738 on flicker

It takes a special kind of person to turn old thrown away items into beautiful and useful keepsakes; someone with an eye for design, with the capacity for creativity and the drive to innovate something unique and lasting.  I am not this person, but looking around the Stamp & Coin Etc. shop, my mind begins to turn with ideas about refurbishing hundreds of items I don’t even know the names of.  Customers come in to the shop searching for their next creative project in objects long forgotten.
With the gleam in eyes that see endless possibilities, they tell me all about how excited they are to upcycle and recreate.

Image by Napa Style

Image by Napa Style

With all of the pressure towards consumerism in America, there’s something truly desirable about creating modern treasures from the past.  Refurbishing is affordable and eco-friendly; ultimately adding a wistful charm of an untouchable period of time in your home – if you have the knack for it.

An item that we have a ton of are glass insulators.  They are lovely little glass caps that range in shades of blue, green, orange, purple and clear among several hues.  Seemingly useless nowadays, it turns out vintage insulators make a charming, functional array of goods today.  This out of date technology, with a little creativity and care becomes a habitat for small plants, a chandelier or a coat rack.  The only limitation is imagination.

by Mark Kintzel

by Mark Kintzel

At about three dollars a piece at our store, glass insulators are a great way to add a bit of history to your home.  The oldest insulators pre-date the Civil War and thus are a prized collectible today.  Like several other collectible items, various styles were produced, some in more limited quantities, making them rarer and consequently more valuable.  Subtle nuances in style and appearance differentiate glass insulators by date, location and manufacturer.

With Pinterest as my guide, I’m going to create hanging candles with my insulators.  What will you do with yours?

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