Burned out? These 7 posts will make you love coins again


While we love the hard data of mint marks, date sets, grades, and more, sometimes we need to take a moment to remember the human element of coin collecting. If you’re feeling a little burnt out, here are some posts that will make you remember why you fell in love with the hobby in the first place.
Braille_Proof_rev1: Coin dealers and blind collectors – a tribute to Dean, from the Blind Coin Collector blog

A connection with your local coin shop owner is special for every collector, but it can mean even more when you need some additional accommodations. This is a moving tribute from the Blind Coin Collector (follow his blog: it’s terrific!).



2: What It’s Like to Be a Coin Dealer, from CoinThrill

What’s the best part about being the owner of a brick-and-mortar coin shop? What’s the most unusual thing a coin customer has ever done? Check out this post on the CoinThrill blog to hear some wild stories!



non coin.PNG3: Coins Struck on Foreign Objects, from the Australian Coins blog

You just have to laugh: sometimes coins are struck on items that are decidedly not what the Mint intended!



4: There’s No Right or Wrong Way to Collect, from the Common Cents blog

What do you do when you don’t love your old collecting themes anymore? Debbie Bradley takes a look at what it means to change your collection and branch out into new things.




5: Heads or Tails, from the New York Times

What story might a common penny tell as it traveled from hand to hand? How many lives would it touch?






6: Young find appeal in modern coins, from the Perth Mint blog

The joy of sharing your love of coin collecting with your child.



Joan_Clarke_(cryptanalyst).jpg7: The Enigma of Joan Clarke: Numismatist, from the Heritage Auctions blog

Who she was and how she changed the world of coins:




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