Friday Odds and Ends, June 24


ClquzeRWgAACtBh.jpgAccording to PCGS, the $20 Mormon gold coin was the first double eagle struck on US soil for general circulation. Look for an in-depth story on our blog soon!


Have you visited the online museum Mintage World yet? It’s got thousands of coins and other items, cataloged and easy to access for all visitors.


appear-confidentHow to appear confident, even when you’re not.





nh-apluto-mountains-plains-9-17-15_0-640x411Is Pluto’s cold surface hiding a distant ocean? NASA has the details.






CaptureWant to feel like a modern chef and have something to impress your dinner guests? Salt-cured egg yolks will be a hit (and they’re a cinch to make.)



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    • I love seeing more of this kind of thing show up; it’s the perfect use of the internet to store and share information with the greatest number of people possible!

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