7 Life Skills You Can Learn From Collecting Coins

Coin collecting is one of the most popular and stable hobbies in the world. Of course, it should be pursued in its own right, but collecting coins can also provide some valuable life skills.



1: Patience. Coin collecting isn’t something you can rush, unless you can afford to buy the coin you want at any price, every time. Collectors can spend years searching for the right coin to complete a collection. Collectors understand that racing to clean a newly found coin can damage it, they spend the time and effort to treat their finds properly. Patience is a rare trait in a world that moves at the speed of the internet and this discipline will serve anyone well.


2: Attention to Detail. Numismatics is all about the details. Whether it’s going through a roll of coins with a magnifying lens to look for rare errors, or understanding the minuscule differences between lettering on different mintages, the coin collector doesn’t let any detail escape them.



3: Selectivity. No collector can get all the coins in the world, and most are only interested in collecting a very narrow range of coins. Collectors can spend a great deal of time examining coins to decide which ones are right for their collection. Learning to pick and choose wisely is a highly regarded skill.


4: Understanding Investment. Coin collecting isn’t just a hobby, it’s also an investment in the future and a way of preserving the past for future generations. This sense of investment is part of why collectors take such pains to keep their coins in good condition. Thinking in terms of investment and future worth is a skill prized by many successful businessmen.




5: Commitment. Collecting coins isn’t something that proves rewarding with only a few hours’ work. Learning how to think like a collector and getting the coins you’re looking for takes dedication and time, and a willingness to keep at it until you find the coins you’re looking for.


6: Long-term thinking. Coin collectors have to think not just about what coins catch their interest now, but also what coins may be attractive in the future, and which ones are most likely to retain their value. Many collectors also put together collections that will benefit their family down the line for a generation or two.




7: Curiosity. Collectors sometimes get billed as stodgy or uptight, but the real defining trait of coin collectors is curiosity. What coins are in that roll? Why does the lettering on this coin look different? What is the story behind this coin? Coin collecting is an increasingly diverse pastime, as more and more people are encouraged to join the hobby and share their unique perspectives.

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