Why You Should Attend a Coin Show



With all of the coins (and information about coins) available online, what’s the big deal about going to a coin show?


There are a lot of reasons to connect with the numismatic community offline. Whether you’re at a show to buy, sell, or just get more familiar with coins, you’ll have more options than any single store or dealer can offer. You’re also able to compare prices and get second opinions quicker and more easily than anywhere else.
Coin shows are also a great way to meet expert numismatists and experienced collectors. Got a coin question? Someone at the show has your answer. You’ll meet dealers and collectors with different specialties and interests. It’s a good way to get information about your current interests, as well as broadening your interests to areas you might not have considered before.
Going to a coin show is one of the best ways to meet other local collectors; many shows involved other collectibles, like stamps and postcards, too. You can compare collections, discuss items you’re both hoping to find, and even connect with local collectors groups.



Many shows also have programming for kids, aimed at encouraging them to consider collecting coins. Besides, you never know what odd coin at a booth is going to spark an interest in a budding numismatist.



Finally, coin shows are just fun. It’s exciting to be with people who share your interests, and who have things you’ve never seen before. Check event calendars, like this one from PCGS, to find coin shows near you. If you’re in Northern Washington, check out the Bellingham Stamp and Coin Show on April 1-2, 2017.

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