The Mythical Lebbo Coin

lebbo_coin_backYou may have heard of the myth of the Lebbo Coin and it’s almost magical capabilities. Also referred to as a Copper Iridium Coin, a “Rice Pulling” Coin, or Navagraha Lebbos, the Lebbo Coin is a mythical coin that has its roots in ancient India.

The story of the Lebbo Coin goes, in the year 1616 AD, there was a Grahakutami (A complete solar eclipse) which lasted for more than 5 hours in India. The British, with the help of Indian Rishis minted Copper coins with Copper Iridium metal in assorted weights and sizes. It is said that there are only 16 pieces of the coins made total. In order to preserve the precious Lebbos, the Rishis engraved the currency denomination prevalent on one side and nine planets on the other side.

The planets engraved on the coins were the Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangla), Mercury (Budha), Neptune (Guru), Jupiter (Sugra), Saturn (Sani), Uranus (Ragu) and Venus (Kethu). The planets were minted to be all interconnected with tiny veins that would lead to the “charging point”.


It is said that, millions of years ago, fragments of sun and other planets might have fallen on earth, particularly in South India sub continent. A bigger myth is that the Rishis had traveled to all the planets to collect the metal from each planet. The material from other planets that reached earth thus is used to imprint the corresponding planet on the coin. These are the metals used to mint the Lebbo coins.

Mr. Keerthi Immanuel, a numismatist said, “The metal combined in these coins can be used to control extreme heat power. For example, it can be used to control the heat that is released during the rocket launch.” He further continued that these coins and metals are used in NASA and it has the capacity to drain the charge of a battery in three seconds by placing it at three centimetres close to each other.

The powers of these coins are said to extend even further than just scientific reactions. The more “magical” powers of the coins can be activated by charging the coin on the three pin points, each having different functions. After charging the coin with MRC 87 chemicals, a magnetic attraction of carbohydrate contents is generated on the coin. The coins reportedly can stop a bus when carried in it by stopping the ignition, bend candle flames towards it, attract rice to it, and act as a circuit to turn on light bulbs.

Many people strongly believe in the existence and power of Lebbo coins, do you?

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