Coin and Currency Sites to Visit on Your Vacation: Canada Edition

If you are heading out on vacation or planning one in the near future; there’s no reason not to celebrate your hobby on the road! Here’s a list of coin- and currency-related attractions and exhibits that you can visit while traversing across Canada! And don’t forget to check out our part one; with stops in all 50 states.


ExhibitsBritannia Beach, BC: The Britannia Mine Museum, is on the site of a working mine from the last century. Learn about historical mining practices and take an underground tour into the mine.


Yellowknife, NT: Visit the small town of Yellowknife; the inspiration of the Yellowknife, Caribou Carnival coin and the Centennial Buck. Not only that but take a tour and learn the town’s history which may or may not be rooted in gold.


Calgary, AB: Contact the University of Calgary and you may get a chance to take a peek at their numismatic collection. The large founding donation was presented to the University of Calgary in 1980 by Carl O. Nickle; the collection includes over 1,000 coins.


Winnipeg, MB: At The Royal Canadian Mint Winnipeg Facility, you can learn how coins are made by joining an interactive tour, discover how the Mint has made over 55 billion coins for more than 75 countries around the world, and learn how massive strips of metal meet 50-ton presses to produce over 1000 coins per second.


RCM2005Ottawa, ON: At The Royal Canadian Mint Ottawa Facility, you can learn how coins are made by joining an interactive tour, see the famous Vancouver 2010 athlete medals, and learn about the largest coin ever produced.


The Bank of Canada Museum, is located in the heart of Canada’s central bank. The museum has four famous collections including 5 Cents: Canada, 1943 and $10 Bill, Bank of Montreal: Canada, 1859. The museum also has a number of permanent and rotating exhibits such as the psychology of economic expectations as reflected by your own needs and spending habits.


Montreal, QC: If you happen to be visiting in November, you can go to one of the largest coin shows in Canada: Nuphilex. Featuring both stamp and coin collecting in one venue, this show began in 1981. With over 55 dealers and 1,000 visitors per day!


Bell Island, NL: Take the Bell Island Mine Tour and dive underground to see the mine that was in operation from 1895 – 1966. Then, at their museum travel back in time and feel how it was to experience the German U-boat attacks in 1942.


2016-05-19_1713St. John’s, NL: Visit The Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum to learn of the regiment’s history. The museum is home to hundreds of medals and other artifacts.


Glace Bay, NS: Another mining museum, the Cape Breton Miners Museum is situated in an old mining village. You can take a mine tour and learn about the village’s history of mining. The tour is unique in that retired coal miners are your guides!

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