Ancient Egyptian Alien Coins

As our thirteen days of Halloween continues we explore the theory that a set of ancient Egyptian coins could be proof that an alien race visited Earth thousands of years ago. A group of people who worked on the renovation of a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins in 2016. One coin seems to depict a spaceship hovering above the ground and another seems to show the head of an extraterrestrial being, with huge hollow eyes, a bald head and thin cheeks.

nintchdbpict000274684660.jpgWhile the original renovation site had no further information or pictures, many more photos of the coins include a number of them carved with OPPORTUNUS ADEST Latin for “it’s here in due time” around the edge and the image of various objects resembling spacecrafts in the middle. A number is on the lower edge that looks like ‘I656’ which is a mash-up of Roman and Arabic numerals.

Many people’s first impressions were that these were real coins or medallions extensively tooled in order to turn the portrait of a ruler or deity into the likeness of an alien – like an elaborate hobo nickel. A hobo nickel is an American practice dating back to the mid-1700s of altering the images on what were then softer metal coins. But why would anyone create the coin, maybe as a hoax? Maybe as a deliberate forgery to deceive gullible collectors? Could it have been the creation of UFO enthusiasts, attempting to fabricate evidence for “Ancient Astronaut” theories?

nintchdbpict000274684650Many theorists believe the coins to be real though and argue they are just one piece of the puzzle in a series of evidence of extraterrestrial life in ancient Egypt. Many have argued for decades that ancestors in Egypt were physically unable to build the incredible Pyramids of Giza. They suggest that advanced lifeforms from space passed on their knowledge or created the monuments before civilizations emerged. The theorists then say because two diagonal lines extend from the pyramids on either side of the Nile River delta, the early Egyptians could not have known this when building them:

“How could the Egyptians possibly have built their pyramid facing the exact magnetic North Pole without even having a compass? Those aliens, abundant in their knowledge and drowning in technology, came along and using their compasses, they landed on earth and found the actual magnetic north and south poles. Then they built the pyramids.”

Another piece of proof from theorist comes from the Egyptians practice of artificially


A physiologically manipulated Paracas skull

lengthening the skulls of their children. Some ancient astronaut proponents propose that this was done to emulate extraterrestrial visitors, whom they saw as gods. Among the ancient rulers depicted with elongated skulls are pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti. It has been pointed out that the Grey aliens, as described by many alien abductees, have similarly shaped heads.

Among other ‘proofs’ of ancient alien life a final often cited piece of evidence is helicopter hieroglyphs. These Egyptian hieroglyph carvings were found in the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. The so-called “Helicopter hieroglyphs” are argued to depict flying aircrafts such as ones we would imagine aliens would use.


So what are your thoughts? Do these coins just further proves extraterrestrial life in ancient Egypt? Or are they a hoax? Or a forgery? We will leave that conclusion up to you! But you can’t deny the coins depict a creepy imagery of the alien rulers that may or may not have once ruled Egypt as gods.


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