Friday Odds and Ends, October 7




A rare Roman gold coin has been unearthed at a dig in Jerusalem.




Do you know a teacher? Tell them about the numismatic lesson plans the US Mint offers for free.




The fourth Annual Oklahoma’s Unique Coin Show is coming up on October 14-15.







Are we at the beginning of a new space race? Boeing thinks they can beat both SpaceX and NASA to Mars.

Friday Odds and Ends, September 30

It’s the end of September, and fall is officially here!



CoinWeek has an excellent post about the coins and history of 1916.




Are you planning on binge-watching the new Luke Cage show on Netflix this weekend? Read up about the history and backstory of the character at io9.





The Rosetta mission is over, as the probe crashed into the comet earlier today. In its 2+ years at comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, we have learned a staggering amount about comets and our universe.




Twitter user @ArtStamped creates spectacular works of art from common stamps.

Friday Odds and Ends, September 9




If you’ve received a large bill lately, you may want to take a closer look at it: law enforcement officials are reporting that prop money, intended for use in movies, is being used as counterfeit cash.




This Australian created a Slip N Slide that’s as long as a football field.




It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek…but how would the world be different if it had never existed? 




This Russian river has suddenly tuned blood red: is it a sign of the apocalypse, or just leakage from a nearby mine?


Friday Odds and Ends, August 26



A reader in Japan sent us a big box of cookies shaped like historical Japanese coins! Thank you!



Numismatic News discusses the challenge of communicating coin details with those who are not versed in the jargon.



A new coin collector brought two coins to the ANA “Meet the Expert” session at the recent Anaheim coin show, thinking they might be worth up to $3,000. Imagine his surprise when one was a Morgan dollar valued at $53,000!




The Darke County Coin Club presented a generous donation to the Greenville Public Library, to fund the purchase of books and DVDs about coins and coin collecting.

Friday Odds and Ends, August 12



Have you ever thought about the difficulties of sending mail from a POW camp? Now imagine it during the Civil War.



Have archaeologists just uncovered the world’s oldest gold artifact?



An 8-year-old boy in Newport News, Carmine McDaniel, was concerned that his faithful postman would be uncomfortable during a local heat wave, and left a cooler of drinks for him. But the story doesn’t stop there.



Being a librarian may not seem like a tough job, but lifting books, arranging journals, and helping patrons can be a real strain! These librarians decided to show off their skills in the first Library Olympics.

Friday Odds and Ends, August 5



Reader Joe Weaver sent in these photos of an extensive coin and currency collection at Ellis Island. Thanks for the photos: that’s a beautiful display!


Islamic gold coins in England help historians reconstruct medieval culture.



Archaeological digs at Tintagel in Cornwall have unearthed massive 6th-century walls from a previously unknown building (the current ruins are medieval in date), along with pottery and other ancient items.



Do you read the daily comics? If so, you may have noticed that long-running comic Gasoline Alley recently did a story about collecting coins.




Did you know that PCGS will pay $10,000 just to look at some rare coins?

Friday Odds and Ends for July 15


A 91-year-old woman filled in a crossword puzzle at a museum. The problem? The “puzzle” was part of an art display at the museum.




Thomas Edison was one of the first technology superstars; when Electrical Experimenter magazine ran this photo of his hands in 1919, the caption read in part: “IF THE WORLD WERE CALLED UPON TO MAKE AN INVENTORY OF WHAT MR. EDISON’S HANDS ACTUALLY WROGHT IN ENRICHING THIS PLANET, THERE WOULD NOT BE GOLD ENOUGH TO PAY HIM.”





The Machin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is the most reproduced artwork of all time, and can be seen on stamps all across the world. The Machin portrait is 50 years old this year.






Two young adults playing the new Pokémon GO game managed to save a house and the life of a beloved dog.




Need a little cuteness after a rough week? Read up on ducklings: science says they’re both cute AND intelligent!


Friday Odds and Ends, July 8




A cyborg with rat tissue and a skeleton of gold? It’s real! And it’s beautiful.





Have you heard of ESPER? The Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections is “dedicated to promoting the collecting of stamps and philatelic material depicting people and events related to the African Diaspora and to encouraging and supporting the interest and participation of Black people in all aspects of philately.” You can follow them on Twitter, too!



Seeing planets outside the solar system is old news, but have we found extra-solar water clouds for the first time?





Today is the last working day for Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios. Ms. Rios not only made appearances at collector conventions, but would autograph notes bearing her signature. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, Ms. Rios, and thanks for your years of work!




Crime doesn’t pay, even for treasure hunters! This hunter thought he could get around the law for greater profit.

Friday Odds and Ends, July 1



The winner of one of our scavenger hunts, Steve Gagen, sent us a great photo with his prize! So glad you like the coins!





Ever get one of those weird feelings that you don’t have a word for? Science can help!



Can coin collecting improve your quality of life? The evidence says yes! 







Have you heard of the Centennial Bulb? It’s an electric lightbulb that was lit in 1901, and has never gone out! Even better: you can watch a livestream of the bulb and see it for yourself.



For everyone in the States, have a great Fourth of July weekend!

Friday Odds and Ends, June 24


ClquzeRWgAACtBh.jpgAccording to PCGS, the $20 Mormon gold coin was the first double eagle struck on US soil for general circulation. Look for an in-depth story on our blog soon!


Have you visited the online museum Mintage World yet? It’s got thousands of coins and other items, cataloged and easy to access for all visitors.


appear-confidentHow to appear confident, even when you’re not.





nh-apluto-mountains-plains-9-17-15_0-640x411Is Pluto’s cold surface hiding a distant ocean? NASA has the details.






CaptureWant to feel like a modern chef and have something to impress your dinner guests? Salt-cured egg yolks will be a hit (and they’re a cinch to make.)