Traveling with Art: North Wales

North Wales is a hidden gem full of beautiful landscapes and quiet escapes. It may be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s not full of places to explore. The oil painting above shows a mountain in North Wales, probably in the Snowdonia region. The peace of Wales translates itself to the calm, golden colors of the painting.


Plenty of art has been inspired by North Wales, an unofficial region in the country of Wales. The London and North Western Railway once made some postcards to advertise landmarks of the area:


w1Conwy Castle (spelled “Conway” on the postcard) is a Medieval castle built in the 13th century. It withstood several wars and saw several holdups. In 1665 it was stripped of its remaining iron and lead to be sold — leaving it functioning mainly just for tourism as it does today.



w2The quaint seaside town of Llandudno has been titled “Queen of the Welsh Resorts.” The land it settles on formed over many hundreds of years through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age on the limestone headland.


The town of Beddgelert has a fascinating tale surrounding it. A legend says that a dog named Gelert belonged to Llywelyn the Great. Llywelyn returns one day to find that his baby is missing and Gelert is nearby with blood on his mouth. Thinking the worst, Llywelyn kills Gelert. But then he hears a baby wail from the corner of the room — his child is alive, and next to him lies a dead wolf. Llywelyn buries the dog and is said to never have smiled again. Beddgelert is named after the faithful hound in this story; there’s a mound named Gelert’s Grave in the town, although there’s no evidence that the story is actually true.


These are just a few gems among the area of North Wales. Which one would you want to visit?