The 1899 $5 Silver Certificate

Only one piece of currency in history has featured a Native American chief. It’s the five dollar silver certificate, produced from 1899 to the 1920’s.


The bill shows the Native American chief called Running Antelope, a head chief of the Hunkpapa tribe of Lokata Indians. He died a few years before the U.S. produced the bill, just barely missing the chance to see himself commemorated.


The image on the bill caused some controversy among Native Americans; the image shows Running Antelope wearing a Pawnee head dress since his Sioux head dress was too tall to fit on the bill.

It’s not a rare┬ánote. But if you find it in excellent condition, it can be worth upwards of $3,000. Heavily circulated bills are more in the under $300 range. Notes with stars are replacement notes, and are worth quite a lot!